What to do One Year Before A Bar Mitzvah

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What to do One Year Before A Bar Mitzvah

One year before a bar mitzvah, families are well underway with preparations for the big day.  Between studying and choosing the best bar mitzvah venue in Florida, there is a lot already going on.  To take off some stress, we are presenting a one-year check point list.

About one year prior to the bar mitzvah, it is important to secure the date with the venue.  After finding a good bar mitzvah venue, you can finally confirm the caterers, or save time by using a venue with in-house catering.  Then comes the time to sign contracts with DJs and photographers.  This is also the opportune time to finalize any ideas for themes or color schemes.  The related decisions, mostly that come in the form of styling send the dates and decorating, will echo the selected theme. 

Another task is to start searching hotels and requesting prices in blocks for friends and family who visit from out of town for the bar or bat mitzvah.  It is recommended to find a bar mitzvah venue near the airport and hotels to make everything easier when the big day comes.  Send save-the-date cards, especially if you are considering setting a date for when people will be traveling due to holidays.  On the save the dates, include information about RSVPing as well as the pricing on lodging available at the selected hotel.

Shortly thereafter, while children are beginning their tutoring for the Torah it is time to develop a guest list.  Every family is different, and so is the budget.  Plan how many guests can be afforded, and start with the most important people such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and mentors.  Then, continue thinking of guests who will be included on celebrating the bar or bat mitzvah.  Involve the child in the guest list process so they realize how important family and friends are as well as how financing such an event works.  A tip from the experts is to organize the guest list, with addresses, in an excel sheet.  This will certainly come in handy in making labels, tracking RSVPs, and sending thank you cards.

Once save-the-date styles are selected, families can meet to figure out how they will create the invitations, thank you notes, and customized kippot.  Decorating fun continues with the need for selecting center pieces, decorations, and party favors.  If a theme or color scheme is set, then stick to it.  Some families show media at the event, such as slide show projected on the wall.  Others choose the traditional look of photo boards.  Have children participate in the selection as away to bond over past family memories.  Finally, consider planning other events related to bar mitzvah.  For example, some families hold a brunch or shabbat dinner the weekend of the event.  Even these events and be catered or held a venue. 

There will be a lot of details to wrap up in the following months!  But at the one-year check point, these details are critical.  Florida families in Miami looking for the best Bar Mitzvah venue should look no further than Germack Events. 

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