What to Consider When Planning a Birthday Party at a Venue

best place for a birthday party in Davie, FL

What to Consider When Planning a Birthday Party at a Venue

Birthday parties are special events.  Whether turning 1, 21, 40, 85, or 100, we love to honor the lives of loved ones like children, parents, grandparents, and friends.  To plan the perfect birthday party, it is important to find an amazing venue.  However, there are other important notes to consider as well.

Choosing a Day and Time

People often get excited about planning a birthday party and immediately consider the actual date of somebody’s birthday.  When the birthday falls on a Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday, this can work out great for the event planning.  However, life does not always work this way, and birthdays do fall on Tuesdays now and again.  In this case, a weekend date near the actual birth date might be ideal; however, party planners should check with the guest of honor as well as the other invitees to ensure a secondary date will work for everybody.  Some dates to avoid are other big holidays as some people feel slighted celebrating a birthday too close to holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.  That being said, sometimes people love combining their birthday parties with holidays, especially around Halloween or Valentine’s Day.  In that case, the party planner has to ensure that guests will attend the planned party as opposed to some other option. 

Time may also be an important question.  Older guests may prefer the party occurring the late morning or early afternoon so that they are not out too late.  Younger parties, with a cocktail hour appeal, may choose early or late evening.  The schedule should match the theme and interest of the event accordingly.

The Venue

Where the party will be held may have an impact on the date as well.  Sometimes people find the perfect venue for a birthday party and then realize the date they planned is not available.  In that case, a tough decision is required – the event or the date?  To avoid this, plan early and call ahead.  Event planners are ready to “pencil clients in,” but they cannot do that if they do not know that someone is interested! 

Choosing the Right Invitations

Once themes, guestlists, location, and dates are chosen, the next step is to design and send invitations.  Choose invitations that will get people excited about attending the birthday party.  Some prefer a formal approach and others a contemporary one, sending cute photographs to family members, encouraging them to save the date for the big event.  Email invitations or invitations sent through social media platforms like Facebook may be just as effective and possibly more cost-efficient.  Some party planners, though, prefer the appeal of paper invitations sent through the mail. 

Planning a birthday event requires many steps ranging from designing a flawless guestlist to choosing the best venue for a party.  For residents of Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding community, the best place for a birthday party in Davie, FL is Germack Event Venue.  To learn more about the available options, contact their event planners today.

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