Three Tips for Finding the Perfect Event Venue for A Fiesta de Quinceañera


Three Tips for Finding the Perfect Event Venue for A Fiesta de Quinceañera

If you are looking for a quince venue in Davie, this article will help you find the perfect place.  Even if you’re not, these tips will still be of use for planning such an event.

When a girl turns fifteen, in many Hispanic cultures, it is a big deal.  Akin to how regions of the United States continue in the time-honored tradition of the debutant ball or a big, expensive, television-worthy sweet sixteen, the quinceañera celebrates their 15th birthday with something special.  At this age, girls were once considered “officially women” in some Hispanic cultures.  Although our timeline of when a girl is considered a woman in modern society has largely shifted from this perspective, families around the world continue to celebrate the 15th birthday in a major way. 

During the planning phases of this party, the guest of honor is growing and developing into the person she will be as an adult.  This can lead to some warm family moments, strengthening bonds with closely family and distant relatives.  The perfect party can be a way to unite the family. In the process, the birthday girl feels special and important, boosting her confidence in other aspects of her life.  Another aspect of growth occurs as many families pair this event to a mass, potentially allowing for spiritual and religious growth.   With so much going on her personal life at the same time as the big bash, she constantly feels like she has to be places in once – building responsibility as well.  There are some great life lessons and laughs to be shared during this exciting time.

For many families, the party for the quinceañera is a significant financial investment.  It is not something to be taken lightly.  Families go all out in booking expensive choreographers, caterers, service staff, elegant cakes, party favors, and entertainment.  Many of these events are open bar, and that can me one pricey party.  Families save for a long time and the birthday girl herself usually makes many of the decisions, choosing the entertainment venue, her outfits and the guest list.  Choosing an entertainment venue for the perfect fiesta de quinceañera perhaps is the most important aspect from a logistical standpoint.

The entertainment venue, the perfect place for the fiesta de quinceañera, needs to accomplish three important goals.  This list will help anybody looking for a quince venue in Davie or beyond.

  1. The first is that it fits the theme of the big day.  Consider the overall look and style of the event.  Be realistic, as well, about the size of the guestlist.  A long list of VIPs is going to warrant a lot more space than a handful of closely family coming home for dinner after mass.  That being said, there are plenty of venues that can make a large hall the right setting to provide the intimacy of a small family gathering. 
  2. The second rule is that place must be accessible, especially if inviting guests from home.  It is not uncommon for distant relatives to travel from far places, even other countries, to attend the once in a life time event.  Look for a location near airports and with adequate parking. 
  3. Finally, be sure the quinceañera event venue realistically fits into the overall budget.   It is not always necessary to over spend. 

A party for a quinceañera is a fun and exciting event for the whole family.  To get the most out of your big day, book a quince venue in Davie such as Germac Event Venue.

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