The Best Methods for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

The Best Methods for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party, especially for infants or adults, is no easy feat.  For infants, the party is just as much as for the family as it is for the young child.  The young child will most likely not participate in any games but will enjoy birthday hugs and kisses from family members and friends and maybe get a little taste of cake.  For adults, on the other hand, the birthday party may include some strolls down memory lane, an unforgettable dinner, and perhaps even some cocktails.  Unlike birthday parties for school children, which are often held at venues such as bowling alleys, arcades, or in backyards, events for infants and adults require a venue that offers some level of sophistication such as a birthday party venue in Davie.

While selecting the best venue for a birthday party, party planners should also select a theme for the event.  For infants, the theme may be easy like “first birthday” or more elaborate like a safari-themed party or a circus-themed event.  For adults, the themes can vary even more so:  masquerades, murder mystery dinners, and over-the-hill parties are all popular options.  To get ideas for themes, consider firstly what the guest of honor would like.  Sometimes babies already have a favorite television show when they reach their first birthday – that could be a great place to start.  For adults, their interests are usually well-known by the event planners, so starting there is an optimal decision. 

To get ideas on how to complete the theme, start with selecting the best venue for a birthday party.Do some internet research to read about other parties to find out how decorations, logistics, cuisine, and other tasks were accomplished. 

Make a Guest List!  Half the fun of planning a birthday party is creating a guest list that ensure the party will be attended by those most special to the guest of honor.  Create a list of who should attend the birthday party and send invitations.  Request RSVPs by a certain date so that it is easy to know for how many people seating and food should be ordered.  To make a guest list, it may be best to budget for a certain number of invitees and then fill that list accordingly.  Perhaps the party will be exclusive close family.  In other cases, people invite their coworkers, neighbors, and other acquaintances.  Every situation is different.

Find the right location.  It is important to find a location that is central to your guests and fits the theme.  More often than not, the best location is one that is near major highways, airports, and hotels, especially if guests will be attending from out of town.  Other considerations include whether an event venue offers catering.

In Davie and Fort Lauderdale, the best birthday party venue is Germack Event Venue.  Seating up to 400 attendees, and familiar with smaller events as well, this venue hosts the most memorable birthday parties in town.  To learn more, or to schedule a tour, get in contact today.

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