Some Advice for a Quinceañera Planning the Party of the Year

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Some Advice for a Quinceañera Planning the Party of the Year

A quinceañera’s big day is a big deal. Organizing a huge bash is a challenge.  These parties are very similar to weddings in what they offer:  Ball gowns, tuxedos, long guest lists, photographers, choreographers, DJs, entertainment, ice sculptures, and scrumptious food.

Every Florida resident planning a fiesta de quinceañera should keep this advice in mind.

  • Numbers first.  Make your guestlist and create a headcount.  You will need to find a quince venue that can seat everybody you want to invite.  Family is important, so start with the most honored family members – then the extended ones.  As your list grows, see how much room there is for coworkers, neighbors, and friends from school.  Speaking of numbers, don’t forget a budget.  You need to know how much in total can be spent and think of a “per person” number.  For example, can you afford to pay $50 per person for dinner?  This helps a lot along the way. 
  • Venue Second. The perfect quince venue in Davie is within research if you do your homework.  By finding the right quince venue in Davie, you will be able to wow your guests all night long.  Think about seating capacity and cost. 
  • The look is everything.  We don’t mean to be vapid or vain, but the dress is going to be an important.  For those wearing suits, the tuxedo or suit will be a big deal, too.  You have to look sharp on this special occasion.  When it comes to looks, you also have to consider who will be around you.  Don’t invite sloppy or irresponsible people to be a part of your big day.  You don’t want anybody up there making you look bad.
  • Dance the night away. Book a choreographer; it will be worth it.  When it’s not the dancing people are watching, it will be the dancing the people are doing!  In other words, they came to par-tay.  Find a DJ who plays the right music to keep guests grooving all night long.
  • Logistics.  Try meals before signing.  An in-house catering gig can help make everything run more smoothly.  Be sure there is a space for gifts, too.
  • Don’t forget what’s important.  The day is about family, friends, and fun.  Don’t let anything get out of hand and don’t forget to focus on thanking those who made the big day possible.

When your fiesta de quinceañera finally arrives, find the right quince venue in Davie with Germac Events.

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