Set the Right Tone for Your Next Big Event

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Set the Right Tone for Your Next Big Event

Your first task is securing the perfect venue when designing a special event. The place where you will stage a corporate or personal event is just as important as the occasion itself.  All other details rely on the successful finding of the venue.

Many people are tempted to first think of other important factors like cuisine and entertainment. Those are important, but not like the venue. The venue sets the scene, molds other event planning decisions, and shapes the experience of your invitees – maybe more than any other component. From a logistical standpoint, you need to be aware of the venue’s capabilities before you can begin to make a guestlist.

Once you have started searching Miami event venue options, you mightfeel overwhelmed about what needs to be planned next as there are many things to keep in mind when selecting the right venue. The size of the venue is important: Will it hold enough people?  The cost is important, too:  What is the budget?  Other issues to consider include services, location to local attractions, cost, and relevance. Begin by selecting the perfect location, one where every attendee can arrive easily.  For this, you may consider booking a venue close to Miami’s airports and hotels.

The closer your venue is to major transportation hubs like train stations, express ways, bus stations, and parking garages, the more successful your event will be.  People do not like feeling overwhelmed, so difficulty in arriving will hinder the guest experience.  Planning to hold your event near an airport makes it convenient for international guests, to attend while an event situated near a train line will make it easier for guests from all over to make their way to the event just the same.

Consider the tone and intention of the event you are planning.  For example, if planning a wedding near Davie, FL, it will be important to make a plan for the day.  If the wedding ceremony will occur in a Church and then proceed to a reception hall, the hall will be prepared for cocktail hour and dinner.  If the wedding will be less traditional, the ceremony may occur at the event venue where the dinner and festivities will be hosted.  It is recommended to have a game plan in mind before contacting wedding venues.  Once you know what the day will look like, you can ask the right questions of the event coordinator.  Some brides and grooms look for contemporary wedding venues and others for more traditional ones.  There is an endless amount of options to consider, so creating a list of “must-haves” before meeting with event coordinators will help couples narrow down their selections.

The Germac Event Venue is a Miami-based venue that is well known as one of the best Wedding Venues in Davie. This popular event venue can in Davie, near Fort Lauder dale, the seats up to 400 attendees. To learn more, or to schedule a tour, get in contact today.

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