Key Things to Consider While Choosing Wedding Venues in Davis

Wedding Venues in Davis

Key Things to Consider While Choosing Wedding Venues in Davis

Almost all of your wedding-related decisions play a role in creating your big day, but there are a few that have a greater impact than others. What’s the biggest one? Choosing the right location. It is imperative that you choose your venue wisely because it sets the tone for your wedding. Nothing to worry about, right? According to a few wedding industry professionals, there shouldn’t be—especially with their tips at your disposal.

Budget should also be considered. Considering the budget is important. Some of these features are not related to money management, but you’ll notice that many help you get the most value for your money. You should also take into consideration the venue package types (will the vendor provide space, drinks, and food?) and its overall capacity (is it a waste of money to rent space you do not need?). 

Here are all the answers to the remaining questions you have about wedding venues.


Making a venue selection will be one of the first steps in wedding planning, so you’ll likely want to start your search early on. The decision will ultimately come down to your personal taste. The earlier you choose a venue, the better.

Date Flexibility

What is the priority in terms of timelines?What is the priority in terms of timelines? Finding a venue or picking a date? It ultimately depends on what matters most to you-getting married during a particular season or snagging your dream venue.


In addition to a destination wedding, where travel may be a part of the event, consider the accessibility of the venue. Are there roadblocks to getting there? Are the directions simple enough for guests from out of town (who are unfamiliar with the area!) to understand? When you do end up with two venues, these factors become especially important. Otherwise, your cocktail hour would be empty.


Venues can be made or broken by their capacity limits; you can’t fit 300 people into a space designed for 150. The reverse is also true. You should book a ceremony and reception space that can accommodate your total guest count, since the ceremony and reception should be attended by the same guests.

Out of your depth?

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