It’s Quince Season so Choose the right quince venue in Davie

quince venue in Davie, FL

It’s Quince Season so Choose the right quince venue in Davie

When do you turn 15?  Are you going to have a quince (fiesta de quinceañera)?

This special day is a big deal to the birthday girl (or boy).  In fact, in Davie, this type of party is actually quite popular.  Each year, the tradition of the quince party gets bigger and better. 

There is a lot to do if you are planning this type of party.  This article offers a rundown of some of the finer points of crafting the perfect event.

  1. Find the right quince venue in Davie, FL.  You could have your party anywhere in the whole wide world, and you are choosing Davie, FL.  That’s awesome! You can plan your event in a place close to home but also close to airports and hotels.  That means your guestlist can surely be transnational and international.  It will be easier for your out of town guests to get situated if you choose to host your party in Davie.
  2. Speaking of guests, you need to draft the prefect guestlist.  Of course, you have to invite your family.  Your grandmother, your aunts, your uncles, your cousins, nieces, nephews, cousins, second cousins, and even your dog are anticipating this big day with enthusiasm.  Your guest list is only limited by three things:  your budget, fire capacity, and your imagination.  Be prepared to make cuts if the former two limit the guestlist.  Word to the wise:  family first, friends second. 
  3. Make it a family activity.  Some families leave the quince planning to an adult member of the family.  An older sibling, a parent, or an aunt could take the reins.  In other families, the birthday girl herself is in charge.  No matter what, don’t go it alone.  It is stressful.  You need to be able to bounce ideas off of each other.  To choose the right quince venue in Davie, bring the birthday girl, the sponsor of the event (whoever is paying), and somebody with an eye for design and events.  Together, you will have the prefect team to find the right place for the big day.
  4. Don’t lose sight of what’s important.  This big day is filled with flashy fun.  Dances, center pieces, ice sculptures, wardrobe changes, and party favors make the day one to remember.  However, what people will really member is how beautiful the birthday girl is and all the time they spent with family both preparing and enjoying the party.
  5. Find the right venue!  This is worth mentioning twice because it is so important.  You have to, have to find the right quince venue in Davie, FL.  No doubt about it, this day cannot go wrong!  When you find the event venue, you will be able to guarantee that your food will come out the right way and that every guest has a place to sit.  Don’t choose haphazardly.  Make it count!

When your fiesta de quinceañera comes, you can be sure you have a great quince venue in Davie if you book with Germac Events.

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