How to Plan a Professional Development Event at a Venue

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How to Plan a Professional Development Event at a Venue

Many times, professional development becomes an afterthought at businesses.  Florida companies near Miami know better than this and are often planning conferences, business events, and training programs through Miami-area.  For those who have never planned an event, this guide will help you along, from choosing the best business event venue in Miami to organizing the day’s activities.

Planning professional development at an event venue for training classes can be equally parts challenging and rewarding.  It is a great feeling when supervisors and staff come together to work as a team at a flawlessly organized business retreat.  However, if anything goes wrong, coworkers and supervisors will be frustrated with the team responsible for planning the event.

The first step is choosing the best venue for training classes in the Miami area. Shop around and choose a business event venue with experience in holding conferences and training programs.  Find one near the airport and hotels, if necessary.  Also consider the convenience of booking a venue that offers in-house catering.  This can save time and money, both of importance for the conscientious event planner.   Once an event venue looks like it will fit the bill, lock down the date.  A professional tip is to make sure the date works with all invested parties before signing any paperwork.  If the keynote speaker or most important administrator cannot attend the event on the planned date, the whole event could easily fall apart.  Another professional tip is to really draw out a design plan for the training day’s activities, and think about how you will use the space.  If the professional development activities include ice breakers that requite a lot of floor space, make sure the event coordinator will be able to provide that before signing any papers. 

Next comes another very important detail: scheduling.  Scheduling for a corporate event is very important as most business professionals like following accurate itinerary.  Work out the time the event will start and where people will need to be at a certain time.  Make sure that attendees who check in early will feel comfortable upon arriving.  Make plans for what will happen is someone arrives late.  The first impression at the event is important, especially when it comes to professional development.  It sets the tone of the entire day.  Ensure that guests will not be too hot, too cold, without wifi, or hungry.  Making arrangements earlier than later is helpful.  Stand in the event venue and visualize the layout throughout the day as well as the schedule.  Ask yourself “What can go wrong.”  Make a list and be prepared for anything on it!

Most business professionals know the basics of professional development, and pairing that knowledge with careful event planning, at the best venue for business meetings, can set the company on the right track.

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