How to Plan a 25th Wedding Anniversary in Less Than A Year

best venue for a wedding anniversary

How to Plan a 25th Wedding Anniversary in Less Than A Year

Planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary, also known as the silver anniversary, can be a lot of fun.  For families with children who throw the party in honor of their parents, the festivities can include a lot of reminiscing about the best times had while growing up.  For couples who plan their own, it is a special time that involves bonding between the couple as they look back at their happy years and recommit to one another once again.  Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of preparing for such an event is choosing the best venue for a wedding anniversary.  To help with the planning process, we have created a one-year check point for just this type of event.

About one year prior to event, it is important to lock in the date with the venue.  After finding a great venue, research caterers. Another choice is to keep things simple by using a venue with in-house catering.  When it comes the time to confirm DJs and photographers, carefully read the contracts.  Usually these events maintain a traditional silver theme, but couples have gotten creative in the past, choosing a theme that fits their unique personality. 

The next step is to commence looking at hotels and calling for prices in blocks for family members who will attend but are from out of town. Many couples like to choose an event venue near the airport.  By choosing a banquet hall near hotels, couples can make arrangements easier on family members.  At this point, couples should be looking at save-the-date cards, especially if they are thinking about setting a date near the holidays.  Include details about RSVPing and the price and location of accommodations.

Seriously consider how many guests you can afford to invite.  Begin by listing the most special people such as parents, children, and other close family members.  All couples are unique as is their budget, so plan accordingly.  Work on the guest list as a team so that family can be in agreement on who the important family and friends are.  One professional piece of advice is to manage the guest list, including addresses, in an electronic database.  People have found it helpful later when they go to make labels, track RSVPs, and send thank you cards.

After the save-the-date have been sent, the event planners can choose invitations, thank you notes, and personalized keepsakes.  The decorating plans come next as planners select center pieces, decorations, and dessert.  Don’t stray far from the planned theme.  Some families show old photos during the event, like a slide show projected on a screen.  Some families keep it classic and go photo boards.  This can be a very special bonding experience that serves as a precursor to the event itself; have fun with it. 

There will be a lot of things to do in the months that follow! However, one year out from the big day, these details are the most important.  Florida families hoping to celebrate near Miami should look no further than Germack Events when it comes to selecting the best venue for a wedding anniversary.   

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