How to make your corporate event grand success with Germack Event Venue?

best conference hall in Davie

How to make your corporate event grand success with Germack Event Venue?

Getting a deal done within the same boring four walls of the conference room is not always enough. Sometimes your client needs a more personal touch. You may then need to extend the meeting to a more informal location, a conference hall in a posh garden house setup complemented with fine in-house catering.

Corporate events also include inviting a host of different clients where you will launch a new product. So, adequate space is an important factor that determines the success of the event. Because not only are you canvassing the product to as many people as you would like, but you are providing them with a fine evening of wine and dine that they would remember. If they feel good they would be surely coming back for your next corporate event as well. Because they would remember that they had a good time. So, these are some of the primary factors to keep in mind when in search of the best conference hall in Davie. Get in touch with the experts at Germack Event Venue that is offering suitable service for years now.

Now to focus on the basics, we give utmost importance on how you can showcase yourself to the clients. We provide a stage with state of the art projector installed for your slide shows, with lighting appropriate for a pleasant viewing. Our floor space is large enough to accommodate 400 people. And our sound system is the very best so that the speaker is audible till the very end of the conference hall. We ensure that there are no interruptions in the proceedings. We have back up lighting for any emergency. Now we value our clients such that we do not accommodate more than one event every day. Client satisfaction is our top most priority.

We understand that paying attention to a speaker at length can be tiring. So we arrange for finger food and refreshments during the short breaks.

Choose catering service carefully

The food is the one important aspect of any conference that people look forward to. We have in-house catering service that serves multi-cuisine platters to the guests. The dining space spreads over a beautiful lush green garden where we have tables set. Now some conferences may extend till evening. Keeping that in mind, the experts at Germack Event Venue are the best to serve sumptuous dinner and one of the best corporate event catering services in Davie. And we have a bar also to help you relax and drown your food after a long day.

Just to mention a few more amenities that we provide for your clients, there is valet parking and   changing room as well.

Wrap up

To summarize once you walk in we ensure that your clients are taken well care off. We strive to offer you a great experience as you get your deal signed and look forward to doing more business in future. Because we believe that we create a lasting impression on your clients.

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