How to Keep Catering Affordable at Business Events

business event catering

How to Keep Catering Affordable at Business Events

Catering services don’t have to be expensive. In Fort Lauderdale, catering services can be done by a variety of vendors and even in-house at certain Miami event venues.  

There are several advantages in hiring a professional caterer to handle food at an event.  For example, professional caterers assist in saving you time, hassle and money. An in-house caterer will cook your food, set up, provide the service team and be responsible for all items and clean up when the event opens and closes.

Hiring a professional enables you to run the event smoothly. This ensures that you always come across as a highly professional organization that cares enough to service your staff and visitors flavorful, well-prepared food. And, when you follow some simple tips, you can keep your catering costs low.

When it comes to affordable business event catering, it is crucial to choose cost-effective menu options.  Catering costs really depend on the cost of ingredients as well as the time of employees doing the preparation, cooking, and serving.  Some dishes and cuisines cost less to prepare.  It should help reduce costs if you choose affordable plates like pasta or sandwiches.  Choosing seasonal vegetables can often lower cost per plate.  Eliminating a course may also be another way to save money.

As stated, Italian menus often cost less, but most guests enjoy pasta, pizza, and other Italian dishes.  The bottom line is that asking the in-house caterer what is the most affordable option.  Sometimes family style or buffer style options cost less.  Again, check with the caterer or event coordinator to be certain.

Consult your event coordinator or event planner about quantitates.  Corporate events cannot run short on food.  Because the event may run for eight hours, or more, multiple meals may be on the agenda.  Breakfast can be simple or fancy depending on the budget.  Some event planners do not use the catering services for breakfast, instead opting to provide fresh fruit, granola, and coffee.  Lunch can be simple, too, such as sandwiches, chips, juice, and a cookie.  Some companies splurge on one meal but not the others.  For example, if serving breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack, the lunch may be very special because it features guests of honor or keynote speakers.  It is important that event not feel cheap to guests because it will be notice.  The key to providing a good corporate event menu is balance.  If in doubt, check with the supervisors that will be at the event as well as with the event coordinator.  Compromise may be more easily in reach than it appears at first.

Planning corporate trainings at an event venue should add appeal for your guests who will be glad to get out of the office.  Choose the best catering services for the event’s needs and rest assured everything will go well with the proper planning and the best event venue for business trainings.

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