How to Decorate an Event Venue for Your Next Big Occasion

How to Decorate an Event Venue for Your Next Big Occasion

People in Florida, from Miami to Miami Lakes, book event venues for a variety of special occasions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, wedding rehearsals, baby showers, and more.  Whether planning a team out for working or setting the stage for a beloved friend’s bridal shower, event planners are always scouting the best location for the party or event. 

One of the most fun parts of planning is decorating.  Setting the scene for an event is an important task.  Party and event planners have to design a decoration plan that wows guests as soon as they enter but is easy to maintain throughout the duration of the event.  For example, helium balloons can look great at 8:00 AM for a business conference, but if they are filled too early, they could be sagging near the floor by time the guests leave around 5:00 PM.  Avoid these blunders by thinking through your event plan thoroughly.  Here are some more tips for the event and party planer considering holding their next occasion at an event venue

Choosing an event venue is the most important first step.  The entire plan takes shape in this location.  If you have already selected an event venue, ask the event coordinator the dimensions of every space.  This will give you the opportunity to create a floor plan.  Consider the location fully as well as external areas like patios, lobbies, and entrances.  Ask the coordinator if you will be able to decorate those areas as well.  If guests are wowed before even walking into the venue, you know you have done something right.

Set an amount to be spent on decorations.  Many Florida families are on budget, so finding an event venue in Miami or the surrounding area can be a bit pricey.  Set a realistic spending goal on both the venue and the decorations, and stick to it.  Write down your budget and keep track: every penny counts!

Consider your audience, and select a theme.  The theme will be specific to your event.  For example, a winter wedding is going to be decorated differently than an Easter Brunch.  Choose colors that fit with the theme and with the venue.  If the event venue has light blue wallpaper, renting light blue table clothes to put on tables near the walls may make the space feel very plain and washed out.  The theme will fit the audience, and the guests will be happy.

Research decoration plans.  Some event planners rely on lights, others on curtains, and the rest of center pieces.  The best planners know how to distribute decorations throughout the event, from top to bottom.  Ensure the decorations are thematically appropriate, allowed in the event venue, and within the approved price range.

Do not choose decorations that are beyond the scope of the event planner’s capabilities.  Paper flowers may look beautiful, but creating 10,000 of them for a wedding event venue is not a one-person job.  Be realistic and make the most out of whatever resources you have available.

These handy tips will help any event planner pull off their big day without a hitch.

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