How to Choose a Venue for a Corporate Event or Meeting: 3 Things to Consider?

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How to Choose a Venue for a Corporate Event or Meeting: 3 Things to Consider?

It is just as important to plan the schedule of sessions or select speakers for your corporate meeting, event, conference, or training event as choosing the right venue. In a training session or networking event, the venue can make a big difference between delegates who enjoy themselves or those who want to leave. Could your meeting’s success be influenced by the following factors? 

Choosing a venue for your next training, workshop, or corporate meeting can be challenging. Here are 3 things to consider.

1. What’s included

To get a clear idea of all costs and fees, discuss the details of your event with the venue. Find out if your event fee includes anything.  Do taxes and service fees apply? Are setup and takedown fees included? Is linen, tables and chairs included?  Are there any minimums for food and beverages? Will Wi-Fi and audio-visual equipment be included or will they need to be purchased separately? If you’re comparing apples to apples, make sure you’re comparing venues that offer all-inclusive pricing.

2. Space and layout

Make sure the space can accommodate the needs of your event. Can it accommodate the number of attendees? Whether you need a breakout room, a stage, or a space to network, find out if the facility can accommodate your needs.  It is often forgotten that the spaces outside of the main meeting room are crucial to the delegate experience! Are the floor plans flexible? Is it possible to move rooms if needed? If there will only be 50 attendees, you don’t want to rent a 300-seat room for your conference if it only holds 300 people. Is the venue going to be fully yours, or are there going to be other events there? 

Whenever you are looking for outdoor space, ask if a deck, lawn, garden, or patio are available and if WiFi is available! Is there a need to separate sponsors from networking spaces, or can they be part of the networking area? It is a good idea to discuss your plans with the venue operator: he or she may have suggestions about ways to fit your needs that aren’t immediately apparent.

3. Location, accessibility and parking

Your delegates may want to stay near the airport, train station, or central transportation if they are traveling from out of town. Determine if parking is available, if there are any additional costs, or if alternative transportation is possible. For events without on-site parking, consider reserving nearby parking or booking transportation like shuttle buses, Ubers, or taxis. Consider holding local meetings or events close to your office to encourage attendance.

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