Hiring Event Catering Services in Davie

catering services in Davie

Hiring Event Catering Services in Davie

Germack Event Venue specializes in managing events as a full-service event and catering service provider. We have all the hookups necessary. All types of professionals are available through us, including DJs, bartenders, event staff, venues, talent managers, and designers. Ultimately, food is one of the most important aspects of any event. Our culture is incredibly passionate about food, and we love to indulge in it, so if you don’t have the right caterer for your event, that’s a major red flag.

If you are currently looking for catering services in Davie, or know someone who is, here are 3 helpful tips for choosing the perfect vendor. When at events, people use food as time to bond, as a conversation starter, or even as an excuse to indulge.

Select a caterer based on your needs and event size.

You should hire someone who will be able to handle the number of people you intend to invite to the event. A caterer should also take into account what you need from them. It’s possible to have entrees and appetizers, or just one or the other. When all the details are explained in advance, your caterer should have no problem handling your party size.

Pick catering staff based on your event’s location.

Place matters a lot. It is important to consider their location (and the distance from there) when choosing caterers. When choosing caterers, you should consider their location (and the distance from there). Consider a caterer who has experience with the venue or who at least knows it well. On several occasions, we’ve had companies build out entire kitchens for our events when there wasn’t one on site. It might not be the best choice for your event if they don’t go the extra mile to make sure everything meets your expectations or even exceeds them.

Select the level of flexibility that you need from a caterer.

All parties should be flexible to make it easier on the planners and hosts who need to prepare for the unexpected. Food is particularly important in this regard. Having a chef who prepares for allergies and preferences is important, since these can complicate things. When you interview caterers for the position, ask about any last-minute pieces they might have put together to gauge not only their problem-solving abilities, but also how flexible they are.

Do you want to book one of the best catering services in Davie? Contact us at Germack Event Venue for more details.

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