Everything You Need to Know When You Need to Plan A Fiesta de Quinceañera

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Everything You Need to Know When You Need to Plan A Fiesta de Quinceañera

When you have to find a quince venue in Davie, there are a handful of places you could turn.  Before you make the selection for a venue, there are somethings you must know. 

Before diving into venues, let’s reflect a little on the culture of this special event.  In many Hispanic cultures, she celebrates her 15th party in a big way.  If you grew up in the American South, you might compare this to the time-honored tradition of the debutant ball or a sweet sixteen. In Hispanic cultures like those of Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, at this age, girls were seen as “officially women.” To celebrate, a major party is planned.  This party has a long guest list, for some families, which can feel like inviting the whole town.  The birthday girl usually wears a large gown known as una vestido de quince años.  Boys were tuxedos – as do some of the guests!  It is an event that calls for formality.  The girl enjoys choreographed dances and a large dinner with her loved ones.  It just makes for a great way to celebrate family.

The girl looks forward to this time. 

It should be mentioned, though, that boys can have a quinceañera, too.  They are less common but definitely happen.  The youth feels like she will finally be seen as an adult in her family.  Although not usually the case, she is taken more seriously among peers and family members as she marks her entrance into young adulthood.  It is a milestone event for many.

These events can cost a lot of money!  Of course, some families plan a small event with a few close family members and that’s that.  Maybe they attend mass, maybe they order a pizza.  No big need for fanfare in these cases.  But many families choose to play it big.  They rent a banquet quince venue in Davie, for example.  They splurge on photographers, choreographers, caterers, and a giant birthday cake.  It is a day to go all out, they say.

As promised, here are the must-know hacks for throwing a great XV at a great venue:

Look for a good quince venue in Davie.  Find a venue that is in line with the theme of the event.  Look at the style of the building, inside and out.  Does it feel right?  You will need to know about how many people you will be inviting to find a venue that can accommodate everyone you will invite.  Look for as large of a hall as you need. 

Find a place that is accessible for out of town guests.  It should be near some hotels and the airport.  Make sure there is parking and that it is easily accessible for older guests who may have problems walking.

Finally, be sure the venue will be within budget.  The cost of these events can add up fast, so be prepared to invest a significant amount into the venue so that you can find one that really shines. 

A quinceañera’s event is an awe-inspiring event for the whole family.  For the best experince, book a quince venue in Davie such as Germac Event Venue.

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