Do Not Rule out a Brunch Event if you are in Event Planning Mode this Season

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Do Not Rule out a Brunch Event if you are in Event Planning Mode this Season

It’s a new season.  A new season means new plans for your life, including events.  We make plans each year to celebrate the important things in life.  That might include a wedding, anniversary party, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party or some other major celebration.  If you are an entrepreneur or corporate event planner, your plans may be a little different this quarter.  You could be on the brink of a locking down the right place for a conference, training, or product launch.

Social media often reminds us the importance of creating an event that offers a supreme experience for guests.  People today love to attend events that are worthy of sharing on social media outlets.  If your event is a flop, people might share that, too.  With so much on the line in terms of social or professional credibility, you need to ensure your event is one that takes peoples’ breath away. If you don’t think like that, then your event will come across as boring – or even worse, a waste of time.

In the same breath, people have “seen it all” in recent years.  Another banquet-based wedding can be fun for some.  Others want a totally new experience.  For weddings, parties, and events, a new approach can help make guests feel more excited about attending.  If you are looking for an events venue (or meeting spaces) in Davie, then you need to keep in mind the trends. 

This year, people are loving brunch events.  If you are having a wedding, consider switching it up, some event experts recommending.  Of course, you can spend a lot of time, and money, on finding the perfect dinner and DJ for your event.  You can also spend time finding the right events venue and meeting spaces in Davie.  All of that comes with the territory. 

How can you be different?  Again, brunch!

People are used to spending long nights at events.  This can be a lot of fun for some.  Weddings that go into the early hours of the morning are rarely forgotten.  People talk about that party for decades to come.  On the other hand, maybe something more casual is in order for some couples.  This could be particularly true for dry wedding.   That’s where a brunch comes in.

Imagine the setting at the right events venue and meeting spaces in Davie.  Your guests arrive around 11:00 am.  They are treated to eggs, waffles, pancakes, and a mimosa (optional).  Fresh fruit brings a touch of class to the event, and everybody is talking about great it is to do something a little difference once.  Additionally, people attending will be happy they didn’t lose a whole evening to the party.  Not everybody is a night owl. 

You need to plan ahead if you want to plan a bunch, though.  As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.  That applies to the brunch guests, for sure.  It likewise applies as the golden rule of event planning: Start early.  Waiting to the last minute to plan a brunch can vastly limit your options and make the event less than spectacular.  That being said, a brunch, IF space is available, can be a great “last minute option.”  That’s because some venues are happy to book an early event as the evening ones fill faster.

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