Creating Ambiance at Your Next Big Event

Creating Ambiance at Your Next Big Event

Creating the prefect event requires a lot of homework.  Apart from laying out the goals and objectives of an event, a part that is often forgotten, it is important to choose a date, determine a budget, and select a theme.

Some people become overwhelmed by this and stop before they even get started.  For these personalities, we recommend breaking down the project into smaller steps, hiring an event coordinator, or working with a friend.  Having a buddy off which you can bounce ideas can help you sort through important decisions while having someone to keep you accountable.

Others planning events become hyper-focused on an aspect that feels entertaining or familiar.  For example, someone planning a wedding who is a self-proclaimed foodie may have a caterer or wedding cake fixation.  They spend so much time on finding the prefect menu, they forget to research venue options.  No matter what the focus is, one element ties all together:  ambiance.  Ambiance is created by all of the event’s components coming together to communicate a tone or feeling for guests.  What houses the ambiance?  The perfect event venue.

Once you have started searching Event Venues and Meeting space in Davie options, you might realize how important ambiance really is.  For example, if a place looks dated, vintage, or antique, it might just not work for a product launch of the latest technology.  A dark and dreary location may work for a haunted house party, but it does not work for a spring wedding.  Although these examples are somewhat comical, they do reflect the important of finding a venue with the right ambiance for your event.

Really consider thetone and intention of the event you are planning.  From there, develop a plan that includes all of the important event planning factors.  For example, the food served at an event reflects and reinforces ambiance.  Finger food served on a silver platter with little doilies communicates, class, elegance, and tradition.  This would pair well with wine, a black-tie affair, perhaps for a wedding or prom.  Yet, a rock band at this event may seem out of place.  That’s ambiance!

Weddings can be formal or they can be relaxed.  wedding venues in Davie can cater to a variety of themes and styles.  For a more relaxed style, couples are choosing fried foods for snacks during the reception: chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, mozzarella sticks, paired with craft beer and a photobooth may reflect a couple’s personal style.  Ambiance matters just for that reason.

If you are worried about creating the perfect setting for your next big event, contact the team at Germac.  The Germac Event Venue is a Miami-based venue that is well known as one of the best Wedding Venues in Davie. This popular event venue can in Davie, near Fort Lauderdale, the seats up to 400 attendees. To learn more, or to schedule a tour, get in contact today.

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