Corporate Event Venues: Tips for Choosing the Right Venue

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Corporate Event Venues: Tips for Choosing the Right Venue

Regardless of the size or type of your event, the venue plays a key role in planning the event. The venue of your event shapes your attendees’ experience and houses all of the other details. You should choose a venue that is practical, economical, and aesthetic. With all this in mind, choosing the right corporate event venue can be challenging. You’re well on your way to a smooth and memorable corporate event if you follow these tips for choosing a venue. 

Choose a space that fits your needs

How is your venue laid out? There’s no denying that a small space is problematic, but a large space is equally problematic. The event will feel half empty even if you have 100% attendance. 

Take your agenda with you as you scout spaces. Experiencing the space visually and imagining where you will do each of your activities will give you a better understanding of the space. Do you think the space is large enough for your activities? Will there be separate breakout rooms? Can sponsor sections be arranged? Does your speaker venue have elevated stages? Make sure you know where each activity will be located before leaving. In such a case, you haven’t wasted your time. You can come up with additional corporate event venue ideas by getting a general sense of the space. 

Accessibility should be a priority

For some, an accessible venue is a lost cause. Attendees, sponsors, guests, and staff should be able to navigate your event space easily; this includes people with special needs. Many event venues already consider this. Make sure you ask the venue representative how their space is accessible when you are checking out the venue. 

Acoustics are important

It’s more important than you might think to consider your venue’s acoustics when planning your event. The aesthetics of a tiled floor, for example, may look good but may affect the sound. Music and chatter will start playing – after a while, your guests may find themselves shouting to hear each other – this is an uncomfortable, frustrating and exhausting situation. 

Ask to hear music playing over the speakers while scouting the venue, and remember that props and people will affect the sound. Please inquire about the acoustics during past events – they may be able to provide audio and/or video clips. 

Ensure you understand all fees

In some venues, all incidentals are included in the price of the event. Other venues charge extra. Make sure you understand each line item before you book your space. Discuss your budget expectations with your venue representative. Is tax included? Is WiFi available? When you give your deposit, make sure you understand what the venue will offer and how the cost of each will appear on the invoice before you give your deposit. 

Your brand should be reflected in the venue you choose

Venues should not be an exception to the branding of your event. Think about where check-in areas, signage, and interactive social media walls may be located when you tour a venue. An uninspired, stodgy space will deflate your event’s experience, even if you have the best event app. You want your venue to be the right space to build brand loyalty and keep people coming back year after year so that you can build brand loyalty. 

Food & beverage accommodations

Treats are loved by all! It soothes the senses, keeps people comfortable, and can be a conversation starter if the food and drinks are delicious. The space should be able to accommodate your needs for food and beverages. We recommend selecting a location that can support your food and beverage needs. You should have an idea of what you will serve as your tour venues. Is the venue equipped with a kitchen and staff to provide food and drinks as part of the total package? Should you hire a third party caterer instead? Be sure that the venue has the proper license if you plan to serve alcohol. 

How can Germack Event Venue Help?

Planning and choosing corporate event venues in Davie have many moving pieces. Make sure you keep these corporate event venue tips in mind, and you’ll find the perfect venue for your event. Visit the Germack Event Venue blog for more information about planning a memorable event. Contact us for a free demo if you’re ready to speak with an expert about event tech. 

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