Consider Hosting A Funeral Luncheon at a Banquet and Event Venue


Consider Hosting A Funeral Luncheon at a Banquet and Event Venue

Funerals generally are not something about which many people enjoy thinking.  The death of a loved one or acquaintance brings sadness and grief.  However, we all realize that death is a part of life.  During difficult times, people rarely utter the words “event planning.”  Yet, a funeral is an event by definition.  It is a time people come together to remember, to celebrate life, to honor somebody, to lean on each other for support.  Funeral homes or religious institutions manage the majority of this process, helping families select visiting hours, flower arrangements, and a service.  However, many families will offer a luncheon or a dinner the day of a funeral.  It provides the guests a moment of solace with food, family, and comfort. 

That secondary event, the funeral meal, whether a lunch, brunch, or dinner, rarely takes place where the funeral did.  Part of the experience of providing comfort is the change of scenery.  If the guest list is rather large, a restaurant may not work.  A restaurant may also not feel private enough to house a grieving party.  To remedy the situation, Florida residents who need to plan a meal for after a funeral may consider conference halls in Davie

Although people usually turn to conference halls in Davie for large scale events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, business launches, and baby showers, the event venue may be appropriate for a solemn meal as well.  One of the things that makes conference halls in Davie a good choice for such an event is that many offer in-house kitchen and catering services.  That is one less thing to worry about during the funeral planning process.

By booking conference halls in Davie, you can offer a little more privacy so that the family and friends can take comfort in one another without nosy onlookers.  For particularly difficult experiences, this may be especially necessary.

Researching Events Venue and Meeting Spaces in Davie may seem like a strange concept in planning a luncheon that occurs after a funeral.  Yet, it is one that makes sense as well.  In-house kitchen services, privacy, and accessibility make many conference halls in Davie a good fit for this type of event.  Meal choices are varied, and alcohol is optional.  It depends on family preference. 

To find the best venue for the job, consider the anticipated guest count.  If the guest count is particularly low, then an event venue might not make sense.  Once you know how many people will be in attendance, look for a venue that can accommodate.  Funerals occur, usually, without much notice.  You may be able to plan an event on a weekday to save money and ensure availability. At Germac Events, we are prepared to house any type of event, including a funeral luncheon.  To learn more, contact us today.

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