Choosing a Top Wedding Venue: An Honest Approach

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Choosing a Top Wedding Venue: An Honest Approach

When you and your partner get engaged, the floodgates of planning a wedding open. Suddenly, it seems like everyone is an expert on how to create the perfect day to celebrate your love. But, after the initial excitement wears off, you quickly realize that planning a wedding is a lot of work. Between finding the right venue can send couples on a wild fantasy of creating the perfect day to celebrate their love. Then, reality sets in.

Prepare yourself honestly for the event before you begin.  Event planners are often carried away with visions of their event that cannot be realized due to various constraints.  Examples include lack of funds, space, or time. When a person wants all the bells and whistles for an event, it cannot be arranged at the last minute. Venues are booked up, caterers are in short supply, orders take too long to process.  Taking the time to plan ahead can save a great deal of heartache in the future.

Even when planning an event, it’s important to stick to a budget.  Performing certain activities yourself, such as center pieces or other decorations, may allow you to save some money.  Strictly speaking, there are some tasks that cannot be negotiated; you must hire a professional. You should also consider the space.  There is no way to make 40 people feel comfortable in a room meant for 1000. There is no way to make the other way around work.  Thus, finding the right wedding venue is the best option.

If you want a great wedding event, choose the best wedding venue for your date (and your budget). Davie is home to some of the most spectacular wedding venues in Florida. One of the most notable is Germac Event Venues. We are happy to offer a few suggestions for planning realistic wedding venues in Davie that still reflect what your dreams are made of.

The wedding day is a special day for couples, so they will want to celebrate it in style.  It’s a good idea to be realistic when choosing a wedding venue in terms of size and price. To determine the right size, make a guest list of VIPs, Would Like to Have, and Maybe Invited. 

After that, find out how much each plate will cost for the type of event you wish to host.  The chart should show different price points and how many guests can be accommodated at each price point.  You may be able to accommodate 100 people at 50 dollars a plate, for instance.  250 people would need 25 dollars per plate. You know what to do if the guest list is more important to you than food on the plate.

The traditional wedding venue is often replaced by a modern reception hall. go to a religious service and then to a venue reserved for the wedding reception.  Be honest with yourself about whether you want a contemporary wedding venue or a traditional one.  

Our favorite piece of advice: Visualize your wedding day while standing in a venue. Is this correct? Are you able to afford it? Is your heart pounding with excitement? If you answered yes to these questions, you’ve discovered “the one.”

Germack Event Venue is one of the superb wedding venues in Davie that can accommodate up to 400 individuals. Call our event planning staff immediately to book a visit or to check availability.

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