Choose Your Venue For Training Classes Wisely With These Four Tips

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Choose Your Venue For Training Classes Wisely With These Four Tips

There are many decisions to make when planning an event like business training classes, but selecting the right venue and location is the one that will have the greatest impact. The event venue and location you choose determines everything from the date, speaker lineups, catering options, and the overall experience for attendees.

Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? There’s no need to be intimidated. Here are a few guidelines on making decisions, what to consider, and how to improve.

Finding a Venue: When to Start

Early is better. You can begin your search for a venue once you have a good grasp of the following three factors: budget, estimated event size, and space requirements.

You should book a venue at least a couple of months in advance so that you will have enough time to plan other critical things, such as finding great speakers, making an event program and website, launching ticket sales, engaging with attendees, and more.

How to Choose the Right Venue for Business Training Classes

1. Location

This is probably already on your mind. Local events may require a venue that is relatively close to attendees’ homes or places of work. The hotel or airport near the event venue will be useful if many attendees are traveling from out of town. Regardless of your decision, don’t forget to think about traffic, transportation, and parking.

Your attendees will be less likely to be late if you provide them with a mobile event app. This is essentially a standard nowadays. Your attendees will feel confident and assured heading into your event with maps, driving directions, and shuttle information at their fingertips. It can be helpful to use maps with pinned locations in large campuses or institutes. During exhibitions, poster sessions, or parallel sessions, interactive indoor maps will help attendees navigate easily.

2. Parking

Parking lots or valet services are available at the venue? Parking lots are what every event planner dreams of. Nonetheless, if that’s not possible, look for nearby parking lots that attendees can utilize.

3. Capacity and Minimums

  • How much space does it have? For a variety of reasons, you’ll need to know the size of the rooms. If your event is estimated to be 500 people, a room with a capacity of 250 people will not comfortably accommodate them. Furthermore, the venue must adhere to fire and safety codes.
  • What is the minimum for food and beverage? Ensure that past food and beverage spending records from the previous events are in line with the minimum food and beverage spending amount (known as an F&B minimum). You would be a good customer if you estimate more spending on food and beverage than the venue requires. Ask if you can receive complimentary services (e.g. upgraded Wi-Fi or A/V support) if you reach a certain level of spending.

4. Ambiance and Accessibility

Look closely at the interior decor of the venue. What style does the structure’s architecture suggest? Your venue accommodations will likely differ if you’re organizing a gala than you would if you’re hosting an expo. If the ambiance of your event doesn’t match your desired theme (upscale, high tech, etc.) you’ll need to do more decorating to make up for it.

An accessible building is one that can be accessed by all, including those with special needs. You will need to know who your attendees are and what their needs are before you can answer this question.

It is likely that children will attend your event, but you may not know if anyone else will have special needs. It may be useful to take a look at recent events your organization has hosted.


The best advice: Visualize your training sessions inside a venue.  Is that a good idea? Is it affordable? Your search is over if the answer to these questions is yes.

Germack Event Venue can accommodate training classes in Davie of up to 400 guests.  Contact our event planning team to set up a tour or to check availability.

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