Book an Over the Hill 40th Birthday Party at an Event Hall

Birthday Party Venues in Davie

Book an Over the Hill 40th Birthday Party at an Event Hall

Party venues in Davie can host a wide variety of events from weddings and bar mitzvahs to 50th anniversaries and corporate awards nights.  One of the most fun of all is the over the hill birthday party often thrown for individuals on their 40th birthday.  The reason people celebrate the 40th birthday in this manner is that it is tradition that after the 40th birthday, people are in the “second” half of their lives.  They have made it to middle age, and people jokingly say “it’s all down hill from here.”  This can be that life gets a bit easier if finances are in order and the kids grow older.  However, it is also a dark joke, suggesting that old age is in the near future.  Regardless, the birthday party event itself can be a lot fun.  It is important to find the right venue to host it. 

While choosing among the Birthday Party Venues in Davie, planners can keep the theme in mind.  In this case, an over the hill party has a classic theme that draws on graveyard motifs.  A 40th birthday party does not have to rely on this motif.  In fact, many birthday people would prefer it does not.  Other examples include something more fabulous like a champagne-themed event or a Monte Carlo night.  If the party will be planned with the guest of honor’s consent, ask what sounds nice to them.  If not, think carefully.  A little internet research will turn up dozens of themes, but choose one that the guest of honor will truly appreciate. 

The next step is to craft the perfect guest list!  Half the joy of planning a birthday party is creating a guest list that ensure the party will be attended by those most special to the guest of honor.  Make a list of who might be at the birthday party and then send out invitations.  Ask for RSVPs with a deadline that it you can know how many people will be in attendance for seating and catering.  To design a guest list, look at your budget and fill the list accordingly.  Some parties are exclusively close family.  For a bigger event, invite coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances. 

Location, location, location! It is important to find the ultimate spot that is central for your guests.  It should also be in line with the event theme.  Many event professionals say that a good location is one that near major highways, airports, and hotels, especially if guests will be attending from out of town.  Other considerations include whether an event venue offers catering.

In Davie and Fort Lauderdale, the best birthday party venue is Germack Event Venue.  Seating up to 400 attendees, and familiar with smaller events as well, this venue hosts the most memorable birthday parties in town.  To learn more, or to schedule a tour, get in contact today.

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