Book a Golden Anniversary Party at an Event Hall

Book a Golden Anniversary Party at an Event Hall

As a party venue in David, FL, we have seen it all.  From bar mitzvah’s that go until six in the morning to double weddings, an event venue can be the prefect backdrop for many types of parties, events, and affaires.  For example, event venues are commonly booked to celebrate a couples’ 50 years of marriage – the golden anniversary.

While choosing among the Anniversary Party Venues in Davie, planners should stay focused on the theme and objective of the event.  In this case, a golden anniversary typically focuses on the color gold as well as the happy, and sometimes sad, years a couple has spent together.  Most couples after fifty years of marriage have endured many joyous moments like vacations, children, graduation, and grandchildren.  For these couples, the fiftieth wedding anniversary can be a veritable stroll down memory lane.  Half of the theme is love, fifty years of it!  The other half is class, elegance, and pride reflected in the theme of “gold.”

For this type of event, a guest list is essential.  Choose how many people you want to invite and ensure that you have the budget to match.  If you cannot afford to invite everybody you want to see on your big day, you will have the tough choice of eliminating people from the list.  It is recommended that you eliminate people who may not realize they were not invited first.  For example, some coworkers or very distant family will want to wish you well but perhaps will not be hurt if they are not invited to your intimate event.  On the other hand, make sure the most important are squarely on the list. Every plate has to be paid for, so be sure you are budgeting for the couple being celebrated as well as all the very important people in their lives.

When planning a 50th anniversary party, it is important to choose an accessible location.  This is even more true if the guestlist includes family members who come from out of town.  After traveling in trains, planes, and automobiles, the last thing these family members want to worry about is not having easy access to the event venue.  Even if your guestlist consists of locals, people will need a place to park the car.  Ensure your venue can handle that!

In Davie and Fort Lauderdale, the best anniversary party venue is Germack Event Venue.  Seating up to 400 attendees, and familiar with smaller events as well, this venue hosts the most memorable birthday parties in town.  To learn more, or to schedule a tour, get in contact today.

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