An Honest Approach in Choosing a Top Wedding Venue

An Honest Approach in Choosing a Top Wedding Venue

“She said ‘Yes!’” Or “He said ‘Yes!’” Well, in actuality, it does not matter who said yes as long as the engagement is on and the wedding is near.  Planning a wedding can send couples on a wild fantasy of creating the perfect day to celebrate their love.  Then, reality sets in. 

Be honest with yourself about the event before getting started.  Often times, people planning an event get carried away with a vision of their event that cannot be realized due to various constraints.  These constraints can include time, funds, or space.  For example, some events cannot be put together last minute, especially when a person desires “all the bells and whistles.”  Event venues book up, caterers lose availability, orders take too long to process.  In this case, planning ahead could save a lot of heartache down the line.

It is important to make a budget and stick to it when event planning, too.  It may be possible to cut some costs by doing certain activities yourself, such as center pieces or other decorations.  Some tasks though, like catering, are non-negotiable; you have to call a professional.  Consider space, too.  You simply cannot make 40 people feel comfortable in a space designed for 1000.  The same rings true the other way around.  For this reason, it is best to find the perfect wedding venue.

To host a great wedding event, find the best wedding venue for your date (and for your budget).  The best wedding venue in Davie, FL is well within reach.  Of all the choices, one stands out:  Germac Event Venues.  As the experts, we are happy to provide some tips in planning a realistic wedding that still reflects what your dreams are made of.

Of course, couples will want to celebrate their big day in a special way.  They should be realistic about size and cost of a wedding venue.  To find the right size, make a guest list of VIPs, Would Like to Have, and Maybe Invited.  Then start looking for the price per plate for the type of event you want to have.  Make a chart that shows different price points and how many guests you can have at that price point.  For example, maybe at 50 dollars a plate, you can invite 100 people.  At 25 dollars a plate, you can invite 200.  If the guestlist is more important to you than the food on the plate, you know how to proceed.

Traditional wedding venues have are often replaced by modern reception halls.  Others go to a religious service and then to a venue reserved for the wedding reception.  Be honest with yourself about whether you want a contemporary wedding venue or a traditional one.  

Our favorite advice:  Stand in a venue and visualize your wedding day.  Does it make sense?  Can you afford it?  Does it make your heart burst with anticipation?  If the answer to these questions is yes, you have found “the one.”

Germack Event Venue is the perfect place to host a wedding with guests lists of up to 400 people.  To schedule a tour or to check availability, call our event planning team today.

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