A Reminder for Those Turning Fifteen Years Old in 2020

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A Reminder for Those Turning Fifteen Years Old in 2020

Are you turning 15 in 2020?  Are you going to have a quince (fiesta de quinceañera)?

If you answered yes to both questions, then this article is for you.  People can start planning their party when they are only 13 years old, but this is for events of the largest scale.  Most people begin to plan a few months to a year before the big day. There is a lot do: invite family and friends, find a quince venue in Davie, choreograph dances, find the perfect dress(es), see if there is availability to hold a mass, etc.  The list goes on and on. 

Perhaps the one thing that makes the event planning really come together is setting a date and finding a quince venue in Davie. Before you have a date and location, the event is more or less just an idea in your head.  There is nothing tangible about it.  Your desire to have one, your vision for its outcome just exists as fantasy.  However, when you select a date and a venue, the event becomes a reality.  It finally has a time and space in which it may occur.  Everything else can be mapped onto this physical and temporal entity. That’s when the real fun of the party planning starts.  Everything you choose will be for the party you are creating. 

For a fifteen-year-old who plans her own fiesta de quinceañera, this is a really big feat.  Adults have a lot of practice in materializing plans and ideas.  Adolescents do not.  This is partially because they are just starting to show the necessary brain development to plan a largescale event.  Secondly, they rarely have the opportunity to practice.  Teachers, coaches, parents, and adults everywhere, usually man the reins.  By handing control over to the fifteen-year-old, you send a message that this is their chance to shine, as a host. 

If adults will in fact handle the logistics from start to finish, then the person the party is honoring is lucky to have such devoted people in their life.  In the situations we offer some advice to adults: Be sure to talk through plans with the person so they do not miss out on the fun (and practice) of planning the big day. 

If you’re 15 and in Davie, Florida, our advice is more specific.  Start searching quince venue in Davie early.  There are only a few great places to hold a big event with in-house catering services.  You need to shop around, check prices, and see event venues before making your final selection.  Consider the size of the event you will have and what services you will require.  Make a list and bring it with you on appointments.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Ask an adult for help.  If the adult is doing all the work, make it a point to stay informed.  Make suggestions when you can.

Have fun in 2020!  When your fiesta de quinceañera comes, you can be sure you have a great quince venue in Davie if you book with Germac Events.

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