A Maid of Honor’s Guide to Helping Her Best Friend Choose a Wedding Event Venue

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A Maid of Honor’s Guide to Helping Her Best Friend Choose a Wedding Event Venue

Asking someone to be a bridesmaid is a huge deal.  Being asked to be a maid of honor is an even bigger one.  People go out of their way to ask in a special way.  Some even film it to share with friends!  It is an honor that unites two best friends in a special way.  To the bridesmaid, remember that you may have specific duties in this role such as helping the bride at the wedding and planning a wedding shower or bachelorette party.  Your best friend will be looking to you for a lot of support.  She may ask you to help her look at wedding venues in Davie

To be supportive in this process of finding wedding venues in Davie, you have a lot to consider.  You have to think of how your friend’s personality is.  Is she always in charge?  Then you need to approach the situation with finesse.  Do not speak too much about what you think unless you are asked.  This bride knows what she wants, and you are just along for the ride. 

Then there is the kind of bride who needs approval.  She just is not sure.  She will ask you for advice on nearly everything (if not you, she is probably asking her mother or finance).  For this bride, you have more work to do.  You may find yourself research venues in Florida.  If that is your case, remember not to take this role for granted.  The bride trusts you, so now is your time to show what you are made of.  Be the rock she needs with the following three tips for a maid of honor:

Ask the bride-to-be about her guestlist.  She may need time to think about who she will invite.  She may already have the number.  Either way, you do not want to waste time looking at event venues that are too small or too big.  You need one that is just right! 

Ask about the budget, too.  It is not worth anyone’s heartbreak looking at places that cost too much.  If you look for venues within your price range from the start, you will be a lot happier.  Remember that tip when helping the bride-to-be choose the perfect wedding venue in Davie. 

Another tip for the maid of honor with a lot on her plate:  Do not feel bad about setting boundaries.  You have to take care of yourself, too.  If you find it overwhelming helping your best friend plan her wedding, well that is okay.  Say something like, “I can help you next Saturday! Is that cool?”  Or take a direct approach, “I am feeling really tired with everything going on at work.  Can you ask someone else to help you?”  You do not have to pass of the traditional details like bachelorette parties, but you can if you need to.  Looking at event venues is fun at the start of the wedding, but down the line, you may have to draw the line at some point.

Being a maid of honor is a big deal.  You want to be there for the bride.  Make sure you are ready to help look at event venues.  Also be sure to take care of your own needs, too.  Make this wedding fun!

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