A Guide for Brides and Grooms in Choosing a Great Wedding Venue

A Guide for Brides and Grooms in Choosing a Great Wedding Venue

For newly engaged couples, or for those with a history of a long engagement but are finally making the plunge, congratulations are in order.  Not only is the journey to marriage an amazing accomplishment that shows commitment to a one true love, but it also opens a new chapter – one that will begin with an exceptional day celebrated with the closest of friends and family.  To pull off the perfect wedding event, the perfect wedding venue in Davie must be found.

Agreeing on the best wedding venue, available on the date you desire, can pose a veritable challenge.  Couples seek the best place for a special day, one that provides enough space for the guests and the best location for their family.  They seek one that can serve food.  With so many options to consider, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  This handy guide should help.

Traditional wedding venue options include a combination of church services, or other religious celebrations, coupled with a special venue reserved for the wedding reception.  Some brides and grooms look for contemporary wedding venues and others for more traditional ones.  There is an endless amount of options to consider, so creating a list of “must-haves” before meeting with event coordinators will help couples narrow down their selections.

Perhaps the most important question the couple should ask themselves if they can envision their wedding in the venue while standing inside of it.

Of course, discussing important details for the wedding, such as catering options and scheduling, is important.  Brides and grooms will research the price of catering for a wedding and ask about open dates.  They will figure out if other rentals or vendors can be accommodated.  They will make sure the place they choose will not be too big or too small for their guestlist.  However, and perhaps more importantly, so is falling in love with the event venue – be it for the look, the price, or the location.

Couples should consider the architecture, the decor, and the environment of the venue.  Ask, “Is this this how I envisioned my big day? Is this how we envision starting our new lives?”  If the venue fits the theme and has an open date, don’t hesitate to make a deposit as availability is fleeting in the busiest venues.  Once the venue is secured, the rest will fall into place.

One last pro-tip:  Consider the weather.  Although outdoor weddings always seem to work out in the movies, rain, wind, and heat can ruin a wedding ceremony or reception quite quickly in places with wild weather like Southern Florida.  To find the best wedding venues in Southern Florida, be sure to find a venue that can bring the party indoors without feeling like something is lost.  Keep in mind the extreme heat for which Florida is known; it is probably best to plan an indoor wedding together.  This leaves nothing up to chance.

Germack Event Venue is the perfect place to host a wedding with guests lists of up to 400 people.  To schedule a tour or to check availability, call our event planning team today.

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