10 Tips for a Quinceañera Planning the Event of her Dreams

10 Tips for a Quinceañera Planning the Event of her Dreams

In the time-honored tradition of a quinceañera’s big day, planning a largescale party still reigns supreme as a preferred way to celebrate.  These parties have all the elements of a large wedding in some families:  Ball gowns, tuxedos, long guest lists, photographers, choreographers, DJs, entertainment, ice sculptures, and scrumptious food.  With all the fun and excitement of the big day, there are somethings every Florida resident planning a fiesta de quinceañera should remember:

  1. Start with a guestlist.  You will need to find a quince venue that can accommodate all the guests you will invite. 
  2. Consider a budget, too.  One easy way to think about the event is a price per person.  For example, if you can afford 100 people at 100/person, your budget is $10,000.  That may sound like a lot of money to some, but these parties can cost upwards to ten times as much!
  3. Find the big day requires finding the perfect quince venue in Davie.  You need to be able to accommodate everybody on your guestlist.  By finding the right quince venue in Davie, you can be sure that your event will be intimate yet uncrowded.
  4. Family first!  It can be exciting to get friends involved in the festivities, especially if the birthday girl (traditionally) is planning the party on her own.  However, family is what matters for life.  Do not forget about your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or whoever you consider family.  Make them feel comfortable, too.
  5. Choose a dress you love.  If you are going to be wearing formal wear, it better be something that looks great on you.  Remember how much dancing occurs at this event.  Find something comfortable.
  6. Choose good, reliable friends for the event.  As you ask people to be your chamberlains or other guests of honor, you should choose friends who won’t let you down.  By time the party comes around, they have to know that dance.  If your friend is on likely to skip out on rehearsals, you may not want them responsible for your waltz.
  7. Book a choreographer.  Do not try to plan dances on your own, unless you are a near-professional dancer or your budget simply does not allow otherwise.  If you can afford a choreographer, the investment will be well worth it on your big day.
  8. Try the food the caterer offers.  If you are looking for a quince venue in Davie¸ you should ask about in-house catering.  If not going with in-house catering, be sure you try the food that the guests will eat.  You don’t want anybody complaining about the food at the party.
  9. Make a space for gifts.  People will bring gifts, so you want to have a nice space to receive them.  Be sure to send thank you cards for every gift you receive.  It is the right thing to do.
  10. Have fun!  !5 seems like such a grownup age when planning a fiesta de quinceañera, but the person the party is honoring is still a child in many ways.  Be sure to enjoy the ride.

When your fiesta de quinceañera comes, you can be sure you have a great quince venue in Davie if you book with Germac Events.

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